Hello, I' new here on tumblr and I have a question: I like your blog very much and I would like to use some of the gifs for my own blog, just for decoration. Is it allowed or not? And sorry for my bad englisch D:.

Thank you for sending this message! I’m completely okay with you using my gifs as decoration, but some gif creators don’t like it. It just depends on the creator. All of my gifs are under the toosha tag and you’re welcome to use them. :) Just please don’t save the pictures and reupload them as a photoset so it looks like you made them. Have an awesome day!

Are you trying to tell me that you think that I am Anastasia ? - Anastasia (1997)
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I know you get a lot of messages like this, but I really admire and love your blog. Anastasia is a film that brings back so much nostalgia, and that's why it became one of my favorite animated films. Very little things bring back this specific nostalgic feeling. Thank you for capturing moments from this film. Have a nice day!

thank you so much!! we love messages like this. thank you so much for your support. the nostalgia and love for this film is why we made it. we’re glad we can spread the anastasia love :)



Costume designs for Anastasia on Ice.

source: my scan

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I'm so happy you've gotten really active recently. And I love your colouring! Keep it up! :) ♥

thank you so much!! i’ve learned a lot from kenya at disneyyandmore, her coloring is sublime :)


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May we know the name of your blog that Tangled was suppose to go on? I love tangled. Also if you post the same quality stuff on those other blogs like you do for the Anastasia blog then I know I'll love it.

sure! it’s everytanglehasastory. i also have a list of all my other blogs right here, except for familyofthefuture. it’s new and i havent added it yet. also only megan has posted on it really lol


lmao woops i accidentally reblogged tangled on here. sorry, i run like 10 blogs so i may mess up a few times here and there

So glad I found your blog! This movie was a big part of my childhood and I'm so happy that people still remember it :) Can I ask who your favorite character is? Mine's Dimitri :D

hooray! we’re happy we could spread the anastasia happiness. my favorite is probably anastasia, but pooka is a close second.